Hands-on Tutorials

Isolation Forest, Local Outlier Factor, One-Class SVM, Autoencoders, Robust Covariance Estimator and Time Series Analysis

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Getting Started

Linear and Polynomial Regression, RANSAC, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Gaussian Process and Support Vector Regression

Regression Algorithms — Image by the author

A Guide and Template on How to Send your Python Data Analysis in HTML Mails

Email Template to distribute your Data Reports

1. Create the Plot

Build Your Own Django Dashboard with Data from more than 10 different Microsoft Apps

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  • what…

Use Django ORM for your Data Management tasks. Even without starting any web server.

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Image by the author

Dominik Polzer

Data Analyst / Data Scientist at Siemens | linkedin.com/in/dominik-polzer-57bb27175/

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