Use Django ORM for your Data Management tasks. Even without starting any web server.

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The extensive feature set of Django as a high-level Web framework can scare off Data Analysts and Data Scientists who never really had contact with Web development. Unfortunately, this could keep them from experiencing Django’s impressive and easy to use Data Management abilities.

While the most Django tutorials cover the entire range of functions in several hours of video footage, I would like to concentrate and highlight Django’s great database interaction features without overloading the reader with the almost limitless feature set. The article should explain it as simple as possible, so you could use Django for your Data Management…

Isolation Forest, Local Outlier Factor, One-Class SVM, Autoencoders, Robust Covariance Estimator and Time Series Analysis

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Anomaly or outlier detection deals with the detection of patterns in data that do not correspond to the expected behavior. The methods are used in almost all industries. Well known areas of application are the detection of credit card and insurance fraud, cybersecurity, monitoring of security-relevant systems and the assessment of military activities. [Cha09a]

Since I will be using an example from production in the course of the article, I do not want to leave this important area of application unmentioned here either. Smart Factories are becoming increasingly agile, more flexible, more variable and thus more complex [Eur10]. Due to…

A Guide on How to Embed your Python Data Analysis in HTML Mails

Email Template to distribute your Data Reports

Python offers an incredibly large number of visualization options to prepare your data and present it in an understandable way. If you then want to distribute your analyses to a larger audience, you usually have the option to integrate the plots into a web application. Nevertheless, email is still a legitimate alternative to publish your results in a simple and efficient way.

The following article explains how to include and send Matplotlib graphs in HTML emails.

1. Create the Plot

Whether you want to use Matplotlib, Seaborn or Plotly to visualize your data doesn’t matter for the following process. …

Build Your Own Django Dashboard with Data from more than 10 different Microsoft Apps

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From my emails, calendar entries, files in my cloud storage to the workgroups in Teams, a large part of my daily activities on my computer and phone are done with Microsoft applications. All these data are stored in the Microsoft Cloud, whether I like it or not. The good thing is that Microsoft provides an API that allows it to access and control most of this data, so why don`t use it to generate your own insights.

The following screenshot should give you an idea of what I want to convey with this article. I want to show you:

  • what…

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Toggl Track is a time tracker that allows you to track and manage your time in the easiest way possible. Installed on your computer, Toggl reminds you to record your time, which gives me a much more accurate and stress-free record of my working time.

While the recording of times with Toggl is unbeatable, the evaluation of working time does not meet all my needs (at least the free version). The visualization possibilities are limited and further calculations are only feasible in a cumbersome way. That’s the reason why I started to use the data from Toggl to implement my…

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